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// chuck don - production manager

In charge of staging, lighting, hazers, lasers, pyro, props, and wardrobe.

Chuck makes the band look good (in spite of what he has to work with).


Standing 6’ 4”, Chuck is a Lean Mean Rockin Machine.

He glides around a stage like a phantom and can be in multiple places at once.


He has lightning fast fingers and demonstrates that with his rapid-fire smoke and light barrage. Chuck is a strict wardrobe supervisor and insures we don’t make any fashion faux-pas. With a hand on his chin and a quick shake of the head, he gives us the “Yay” or “Nay” when it comes to stage garb.Chuck's Zodiac sign is CANCER, which is evident with his sensitive and caring yet introverted behavior; but ladies, make no mistake, he’s a King Cobra lover watching your every move. But….he only bites when you ask him to.


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